English to French translation and proofreading service

Areas of Expertise

Corporate communications
Information, communication and marketing materials (newsletter, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, e-mails).
Surveys and other CRM material.
Press releases and articles, promotion material, advertising literature, studies documents.
In-house HR and staffing management programs, enterprise resource planning, training media, eLearning, accounting and banking relationships.

Economics and Finance
Financial newsletters, investment guidelines, Forex trading platforms, education, tools and strategy.

Fast, pays attention to detail, initiates conversation to improve translation...

Excellent professional freelance translator, helpful and good quality. Highly recommended.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

IT/Computing & Software
IT information, User interface, API, DevOps team and user guides, IT networks, security applications for PC and smartphones, SAP localization.

Technical translation
Engineering, 3D modeling/prototyping, operating manuals, user guides, explanatory leaflets.

Website localization

eCommerce, CRM interface, source code transcription HTML/XML/PHP/CSS, metatags and keywords transcription.

All documents or draft reports written in French. Localization and transcreation of creative contents targeting the French audience.

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